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(no subject)
I must have crazy dreams because my life is so dreadfully boring.

Last night it was tornadoes. Not just one or two, but dozens of little ones. More like funnel clouds coming down and stopping. I was watching them blow past the sides of the house. That is, until I looked behind the house and there was a huge F5 gouging up Essex as it comes toward our house. Then going into the basement and waiting for it to hit. Eek.

The house wasn't destroyed but outside was left a small metal boat which had gone into a maelstrom and ended up in the hub of Essex County. The also thought it was 1976. Time-travelling American fishermen! We were then trying to let them know of the changes in the world before they encountered it. Like, there was a Black president. Or the actor, Ronald Reagan, was President and closed all the VA hospitals, kicking people into the streets. The computing power of an office mini-computer now rest in the dashboard of our non-flying cars. The 70's were the Golden Age for movies, and the director of Jaws is considered the best director of all time. Oh, and we don't call people by what they are, anymore. ie, you don't call someone a "Black" or a "Jew".

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(Deleted comment)
America is not ready for an Atheist President.

Man, I always forget about Reagan and the mental hospitals. He seems so innocuous compared to recent conservative presidents that you truly do forget that he did crazy-bad things.

Look how the right went apeshit over trying to bring the tax levels back to Reagan levels.

Wow - that is some dream.

I grew up in a trailer park. Tornadoes are my mortal enemy. I am certain I will die by either tornado or gas leaks.

Whenever I have dreams about tornados, it means I am conflicted.

My latest weird dreams involve me speeding. You know, just looking at the dash and watching the needle climb higher, knowing I'll eventually be caught.

I really want more exciting dreams.

My car dreams involve me speeding where I shouldn't. Like on curving overpasses, with those big concrete walls, and barely keeping control. Or driving at night and the road ends and I plow into a construction site. Flashing lights and rebar everywhere.

I assume it's a fear of losing control or fear of the unknown, respectively.

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