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(no subject)
Overheard in the office:

"Naw. You can own Nazi stuff. You just can't sell it on places like ebay"

"Yeah, my brother-in-law used to collect bikes and used to see postings of Hitler youth bikes and then eBay pulled them. Makes sense"

"Yeah. No firearms. Porn. Or hateful stuff."

"Or kidneys or livers"

"Well, yeah. Of course. And you can't sell cocaine"

"Why can't I sell my kidney? It's a woman's body. Why can't she sell her ova?"

"Oh man, if they ban selling semen, it would kill the used keyboard market."

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there's a delicious thought!

I met the guy who sold his soul of eBay. Now he just sells his book about it on Amazon.

I've been confused by "Oh man, if they ban selling semen, it would kill the used keyboard market," all day. Are men cumming onto their keyboards and so they need to get a new-used one? Wouldn't bulls be too large to get near a computer/computer room/computer keyboard and why would you need it to get their semen? I really don't think cows are into cow porn, man....

See - things like that.


I think I miss most of the best conversations here. My colleagues sometimes slip into their native tongue for most of the non-work stuff. Apart from cricket, sadly.

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