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(no subject)
I hang around Catholic Answers to hear logical justifications of Catholic dogma. Hehe, no. I go for the crazy.

Dear sacramentalist,

Catholic Answers is in the middle of a severe financial shortfall. To protect the ministry's future, we have had to take several very painful steps:

The staff has taken pay cuts averaging 26%.
We have had to let several staff members go.
We will not be filling additional positions to expand the ministry's work.
We have had to cut back on our current apostolic efforts because we simply do not have the people.

Even after making these cuts, we still need to raise about $300,000.

I say, bwahahahaha! Hateful jerks.

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That's weird. The Catholic Church just recently spent more than that amount in MN to try to get discriminatory anti-gay legislation passed. Sounds like they should be reallocating funds here and there, huh?

Yuuup. Let's blame the Anti-gay Agenda.

Just sayin'...they seem to find money when they "need" it. Financial shortfall? Psh.

PG is right, though. The Catholic church was the main bankroller of the push for the anti-same-sex-marriage amendment around here. They spent some insane cash on it.

Maybe they should pray for it? Isn't that what they're supposed to do?

I hang around the Northern Ireland flag protestors' Facebook pages for much the same reason. It's amusing watching them re-write history as it happens. Except when they go a bit far and it suddenly all gets a bit scary.

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