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Cuts are for cowards!
I don't paint my toenails, I have blood blisters under them. I've had blisters before, but this is a new running phenomenon for me. It must be because I changed my gait, and was ramming my foot on the front of my shoe. The other foot isn't as bad. The underneath is unsightly. Every white bubble is a badge of honour, man.

I probably should go to the doctor, but I'm fascinated by the process!

BTW. Talking about my toenails bulging and wiggling loose is a sure-fire way of chasing my boss out of my office.

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A friend of mine plays extreme frisbee and has the same problems. It's all about her shoes.

Yup. Laced too loose.

I'm probably curling my toes, too.

Well that just looks painful.

It actually isn't despite the considerable swelling. Maybe I've gone numb from gangrene. Those toes are just slowing me down, anyway!

Soak your feet, dude.

I'd rather soak my legs. Ow!

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