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Up on a soapbox
Opinions, I have them.


Seems like everyone has been getting crazy-sick since June. This correllates with the removal of fluoride from the Windsor water supply. Thanks, fools! Your Strangelove paranoia has brought out the superstrains. Oh, *my* pet theory has no scientific merit? Don't you even dare...


Re: Oxford comma: If a text is so concise that a fucking comma is going to confuse the message, then there's a problem with the writing.

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But those COMMIES and your Precious Vital Fluids!

Ice cream, Mandrake? Children's ice cream?

(Deleted comment)
Are you kidding? They're in full force. Our city just yanked the fluoride. The county did last year. That minority are the ones who go to town meetings.

"I enjoy cooking my family and my pets." COMMAS SAVE LIVES, STEVE!

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