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(no subject)
I lost two toenails. Why isn't there a Toenail Fairy?

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How did you lose them? Where did they go?

Marco! Toe-lo?

I'm honestly sorry you lost your toenails. That's got to hurt.

I did a long run in August and I guess I must have been hitting my toes. I didn't notice until later when my toes were hurting/throbbing. Then there were blood blisters underneath, making the nails bulge. Four of my toes were red, like they were painted. Then they turned grey, like dead eyeballs. The swelling went down, but the nails came loose. I've got two left. I'm shedding my exoskeleton, like a cicada!

Like all insects. :)

That's kind of not good. Have you gone to the doctors about this?

It's something that happens to runners. Oddly, never for me. I tend to curl my toes down when I run, so I don't know what happened.

If there was sign of an infection, I would have gone in.

A lot of runners just lance it themselves. I opted to just let the swelling go away on its own. Toes are kinda gross. I don't hate feet, but I don't understand the attraction, either. Especially women's feet. After they take off those sexy shoes or boots they jame their feet into, there's ridges of calluses and kibes.

It stopped hurting after a week or so. I wonder how long it'll take to regrow toenails.

Edited at 2013-10-04 03:44 pm (UTC)

Probably not as long as we think. Nails grow pretty quickly especially if you're on hormone meds. Are you still taking those?

Apparently 3 or 4 months. It's so weird.

I've lost one and it took maybe close to six months before the new nail looked totally normal. Until then it was kind of thin and wavy.

Is there not a toenail fairy? You mean I've been putting toenails under my pillow all these years for NOTHING?!

Clearly, we should run the universe.

well, when my sister was 5, she lost her big toenail,and the goddamn Toenail fairy came and gave her $10. The going rate for teeth from the Tooth fairy was $1. I was so pissed.

What does the toenail fairy do with all the toenails? Ewwwwwww.

I once had lost a fingernail to a crush injury when I was a a kid. It just grew back from the cuticle like normal, so like 3 mm per month.

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