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Great job kid. Don't get cocky.
Dammit. My car won't start. This is karma for not helping out that lady asking for change.

It a nice afternoon. Maybe I'll just camp out at this plaza. It's nice, except for the bums.


Update - Got a boost and parked in reverse at work, in case my battery didn't charge enough.

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This is just to say I appreciate your almost-star wars quote.

Dangit. I got the wrote wrong.

Great, kid. Don't get cocky.

I do not have a Star Wars icon... Oh wait, yes I do.

Oh well, um, actually, I didn't look it up either, and I guess I got it wrong too. I thought it was "great shot, kid. Don't get cocky." and that you had intentionally changed it to fit context.

Look, the important thing is that you made a reference and it made me happy. Right???

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