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Armoire Cat
Armoire Cat is a nosy parker. There won't be any masturbating.

Does anyone else buy furniture to match their pets?

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haha He looks so damn comfy up there.

He is. he just sneaks up there. We've seen him up there after sex. It's kinda creepy knowing you were being watched and didn't know it, eh?

I had a roommate whose boyfriend had a cat that was part African Serval and it would "hunt" them when they'd have sex and pounce on them and stuff.

I had a fuck buddy who had a Husky that didn't approve of our fucking and he'd get up on the bed and try and separate us. Super annoying.

Perfect! if it wasn't for the feet, I wouldn't know there was a cat there.

stupid feet always getting in the way. I have also noticed that Robbie matches the hardwood floors, which I guess is convenient for sneaking up on bugs.

I enjoy that the woodgrain pattern on your wardrobe (?) kind of blends into his stripes. Masterful selection.

Most furniture doesn't come in "guinea pig" as a color choice.

They're missing out on a market.

I have guinea pigs too, they give you the stink eye when you masturbate.

Only the soft furnishings - the pets on my icon go well as curtains.

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Cool. We have a carpet that matches the dog.

My drapes match the cats, but that's because I don't vacuum them. /ashamed

I've just realised that I have a kitchen the same colour as those fish - blue walls, terracotta curtains and shades of yellow in the cutlery, but their aquarium is in the living room...

(They hypnotised me! All those unblinking eyes; every time I go in that kitchen to cook a meal the colours remind me to feed those fish!)

You must obey the cuteness!

i haven't bought matching furniture, but i did paint and decorate my last apartment to match my kitties.

I know I don't comment much but I do read your posts and enjoy your sense of humor in things.

Thanks. Lately I feel like people have vanished.

your cat... ah... I fall in love :-)

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