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Maybe I'm just happy to see you
I had my home phone in my front pocket all morning and didn't realize it. My jeans may be too baggy.

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(Deleted comment)
I put it in my pocket to bring downstairs, but forgot to drop it off after being distracted by some other bright shiny object. The odd thing is I had THAT and my iPhone in my front pocket for hours. It wasn't until I was talking while standing up and I went "oh. I took my cordless to work by accident" to everyone's amusement.

I'm in kind of a distracted funk.

(Deleted comment)
I'm impressed you have a home phone.

I work for a phone company, yo.

Did you leave someone home to be driven mad by not being able to find it?

Chester spends too much time on the phone, anyway.

Time to reach out and touch yourself?

Yeah. That's probably why I'm so dozy ;)

SRH* is a real thing, you.

* Sperm Retention Headache

(Deleted comment)
They're OK. Better than the awful ones I had before them.

They sound/perform much better after I replaced the batteries.

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