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verbal diarrhea
I like to listen to Ideas when I'm on the road. I heard a talk by a researcher at UBC who was talking about the importance of people's microbes. Meaning, the flora in our bodies. They actually had a disclaimer that there would be unpleasant talk. Is poop THAT scary to everyone. I mean, EVERYBODY poops! This is twice this month this has come up. Last week on Radiolab they were saying that since the digestive tract is continuous, the human body is a torus, and food is never really IN us until digested and the hosts were all "waah!" about it. Grow up.

He was talking about the importance of vaccines and how there had been some misinformation spread about vaccines causing autism (yay Oprah for giving Jenny McCarthy a voice). That's ok, except later he talks about how antibiotics may cause autism. Using words like "I feel" and such. It sort of nullified my impression of him for the first 40mins of his talk. I don't believe a scientist, nor a Playboy bunny, when they use feelings to express science. Maybe it's a weakness in our language. We lazily exchange "know" and "feel" as easily as "may" and "can".

That being said... skinny mice can be made fat and fat mice skinny simply by reversing their internal microbes. Cool. And kinda freaky.

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You'd think, after whooping cough made a big comeback, anti-vaccers would get a fuckin clue!

What the hell is it going to take??!! Polio???!!! Yeah, leg braces and iron lungs are so new retro hip.

Polio is back! Same with consumption.

I hear cholera has hit the North American mainland. Mexico. It's gonna come up with the Africanized bees.

Aargh, pet peeve of mine, especially the occasional appearance of polio. I was in the last polio generation. A kid in my neighborhood died from polio. Such a cruel disease that attacks little children. The vaccine has been around for half a century, and is available to everyone in the world. But adults are stupid and children die.

They are so close to eradicating polio but wars keep happening in under vaccinated areas. It would be great to see another disease eliminated from the world but it seems like the world doesn't want that.

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Cat wait for the coliform cocktails.

Skinny shit
Exercise excrement
Party poop

That's what I love about LJ. Where else could I learn about microbes and weight loss and poop? I wonder if those microbes affect appetite, or metabolism? The old urban legend about a pill that eats fat may come true, and it will be a poop pill!

People will be lining up to have "skinny-people" poop injected in them.

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I don't know the last time I had a vaccine shot. Maybe tetanus in my 20's?

I'm tempted to get a flu shot this year, just to see if the things work.

I'm not comfortable with poop. I don't care if everyone does it. The only thing in it for me is that it give me a good chance to read.

My scientist wife is the same. Maybe I'm more comfortable because I can't smell and I have to use the G-D plunger every time I take a dump.

I think that they should substitute "feel" for "believe". If he said that "I believe that antibiotics can cause autism" that might have been more convincing.

I have always felt that there is a place for emotions in science, when it comes to following gut feelings about research. Passion is an emotion, afterall.

This is true. One needs passion. Well, there has to be a pet idea for people to find support or contradict. Science is pretty resistant until there is empirical proof and they shift en masse.

Now, I'm more inclined to trust the opinion of a specialist in a field, as opposed to someone with anecdata. But he publically shamed Jenny McCarthy by referring to her as a "Playboy bunny" and then used his own anecdata to talk of some boy who would become autistic when not on anti-biotics. At least he made a quick caveat that autism is a range of things. Maybe I just didn't like the fact someone was dismissed because she has shown her boobs in public.

Dismiss her because she's an idiot, sure :)

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