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(no subject)
I really don't know where they're going with AHS: Coven, but Zoe has to be the dumbest fucking character I've ever seen on TV.

American Horror Story is great if you just want to watch Jessica Lang chew scenery season after season. I don't even mean that as an insult. I could watch her all the time.

Does this girl's school actually have schooling? They just seem to like to site around and insult each other in Batman-villain camera angles.


If you book off the day of the Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special, I may approve it, but I *will* make fun of you.

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I really am not enjoying the camera angles this year. Quit laying the camera on its side. And yes, I don't know what sort of education is taking place at this place so they can hurry up and get on w/that as well.

I hear Lange is quitting AHS after the season that follows this one.

"Hey! We paid for these 4mm wide-angle lenses, we're gonna USE these 4mm wide-angle lenses! EVERYWHERE!"

Are you liking the NOLA aspects so far? They really don't show much except the one street.

Lily Rabe as a hippie is distractingly adorable.

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