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Life's little joys
Getting in a cold bed to discover a napping cat has warmed up the foot area for you.

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(Deleted comment)
They like to sleep where my feet go. I banish one at night and the other sleeps on top of me between my legs. He'll let me pet him until I fall asleep.

Even better... discovering that said cat has REFRAINED from using your bed as a toilet.
I'm not having that problem, our cats are merely outdoors visitors, but a friend is being driven nuts by her peeing Siamese.

Hmm. Incontinent cat means something is wrong. Stress or illness. Older cats are fussy. They'll act out like that if all you do is move the couch.

Especially an ancient Siamese. I'm so grateful our cats merely visit the verandah for feeding twice a day, allow us to stroke them, then bugger off to wherever they actually live!

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