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(no subject)
Every episode of Home Improvement is on youtube. What's your favourite episode? Mine is the one where Tim behaves like a dick. Jill gets annoyed. Wilson gives Tim advice he doesn't understand. Tim continues to be a dick and once again the day is saved because Jill doesn't dump his idiot ass.

It's no wonder he was so Christian. It's the thing keeping her from divorcing him.

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Wasn't that every episode?

Maybe a little? I wondered if that was what you were getting at. And I'm usually good at reading sarcasm like that. So if *I* didn't get it right away, you might want to clarify, lol.

OK. Let's test your nuance-meter:

"I have an idea for a procedural show is about an oddball with a preternatural ability to fight crime/disease. This person has issues and he or she has a dark history which can add to the story arc. The person is aided with a team of bright nerds who can enhance a waterlogged photo so well, they can see the killer in the reflection of the victim's eyeball in the photo. This person needs a police/FBI authority partner to keep things by the book, and provide sexual tension. If the star is a woman, the guy should be someone from a Joss Whedon show. They're always looking for work."

I'm only funnin. At least you comment. *hugs*

I also have some ideas for a show with a single father trying to raise children.

And another show which has actress wannabees wearing bikinis and eating bugs.

I would have liked for Full House and Home Improvement to do a mashup of awful 90s predictability. Tim being a dick to three motherless girls would be amusing to me.

Cut. it. out. Rowr rowr rowr rowr!

We must have been watching something different: I remember everything else, except that Tim would be a dick until it became totally obvious, then he'd apologize. That's why Jill never divorced his ass.

Yeah, that happened, too.

"I'm sorry you're angry".


This is why I like Modern Family. They can be really shitty, but they know how to apologize. Except Gloria doesn't have to apologize because she's adorable. She'd have been turfed years ago, otherwise.

My more Irish half points out that this also describes Everybody Loves Raymond, another show created around a guy's standup comedy routine. I said But Seinfeld. He says Seinfeld is different.

Very true. But at least ELR had engaging side characters. So if you HAD to watch it, it can be funny. Home Improvement was just so banal. It was probably the end of nicey-nice sitcoms.

I wasn't too into Seinfeld the first year it was out. But I think I just saw a couple weak episodes (one where he dumped an old friend).

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