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Sacramental A-List
Hello new friends!

I found a post from my past for a good opener. I've repeated it a couple times. Lots of funny people repeat themselves, shut up:


C came home with cat advice from a co-worker. He managed to calm his cat down by playing the alpha-cat -- pinning it down and hissing. Even biting his neck. It took him six months of consistent discipline, but he got the cat to behave. I have my doubts, as after six months, a cat can just calm down on his own.

After dinner the other day, Chester was being ornery. So I decided to try this out. I turned him on his back, and hissed at him. From the back of the throat. Like a cat. Since I had just had dinner, I horked on my cat's face. Like a cobra. Chester just sat there, stunned like a straight man, with beads of liquid all over his head.

I got a paper towel and cleaned him up. C was useless, as she was too busy howling with laughter.

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I forgot about this story. I bet Chester hasn't forgotten about it.

Oh he remembers. He's giving me such a look.

LOL i remember this post :)

ALSO that was over 5 years ago?! REALLY?

Aw, crap. I need new material.

Hey. Remember that time cynica realized we know each other? Sheesh.

So LJ has notifications when I'm mentioned. Fun!!

Lies! You are a lurker!

RIGHT? still laughing about that lol

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Photoshop! jonthedull did that to demonstrate we're starting to look alike.

Chester is one of those 2-pet cats. He wants to pet him twice, but if you do it a third time, he'll bite.


Oh,cats,ever finding new ways to humiliate us.Good thing they are cute.

Indeed. I should make a 0-60 post involving the pets & photos. I made one before. I should bump it up.

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He had a serious "what the fuck?" look on his face, with a big gob on his forehead.

Best. Ever. I'm dying over here. Chester will never screw with you again!

I'll draw your attention to this:

That's his way of saying "It's on!"

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(Deleted comment)
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