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He's bigger news than a white girl twerking!
Dang it. This new Pope is raising the bar. Now he's Time's Man of the Year? He's bigger news than a white girl twerking! When I'm Pope, he's going to be a tough act to follow.

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In terms of his policies, he's a definite improvement; and in human terms, he does seem like a lovely man.

For shits and giggles I lurk on a Catholic discussion forum. Being an official Church platform, people aren't allowed to bash the Pope, but you can see how people mince words and talk about how the media is making a big deal out of things they thinks were said out of context. But he keeps saying things "out of context", it seems.

(Deleted comment)
Who would have thunk telling people to not be greedy and be nice to each other would be notable?

You know he's doing something right when Rush Limbaugh starts calling him names.

You bringing up twerking had me read that as "a touch act to follow."

Of course, we are just talking about Time magazine. Unless their Man of the Year is the only thing that they're good at anymore.

And the attitude of that note tells me I should have some food!

Someone tweeted that an irrelevant institution declared the irrelevant leader of an institution is important.

1 billion followers is still a big deal, yo.

1 billion is impressive, that's true. Although, I should note that I am counted as one of those people, since I was baptized a Catholic.

Me too!

I'd rather this nice fellow not speak for me and the God I don't believe in, instead of some other stick-in-the-mud not speak for me and the God I don't believe in.

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I have to say...he is really impressive!

It's just nice to remind people about other social teachings than the conservative non-negotiables of "Abortion, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning, and Same-Sex 'Marriage'"

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I'm not Catholic and I'm really impressed by the guy.

If I wasn't atheist, he possibly could bring be back to the church (if he effected any actual change)

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