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Aslan The Lion
bart_calendar makes some interesting points on how Aslan is kind of a dickweed

I love Narnia books, but hey, like the Christian God, Aslan is comes across as enigmatic and vindictive, and capricious at best.

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Susan. SIGH. She had to go and wear lipstick. Like a harlot. Or something.

Have you read Neil Gaiman's The Problem of Susan?

And nylons! Don't forget the nylons. What a strumpet!

AND she wanted to attend social functions. LIKE A SLUT.

Don't blame Susan, blame the evil of coed education. Boys and Girls need to be SEPARATE, or stuff like this happens.

And, let's not forget that she was banned from Narnia before she even started doing that stuff. (So was Peter, but he got to come back. I guess he lacked the social skills to get laid before Aslan killed him and his entire family.)

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His comment on not wanting the girls to go into battle, really rubs me the wrong way. Strongly implies (with a sledge hammer): Boys - yeah, here's my blessing, now rush in and kill stuff!!! Girls - ya got no penis.

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