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There's a Top-10 80's books list kicking on Reddit. One of the books is the Joy Luck Club, a book Ive never read.

I heard an interview with Amy Tan last weekend and she talked about her mother and it was an enthralling story. She started with how her mother taught her about sex by saying things like "Don't kiss a boy because it'll become more, then you'll get pregnant and have the baby and not be able to take care of it, so you'll kill the baby and you'll go to jail and ruin your life. So if you're going to kiss a boy, you may as well kill yourself."

And she started it lightly, then talked about how her mother threatened her life, and the ordeals the woman had in China. It was nightmarish and tragic. It's easy to forget people with narcissistic personalities are people, too. Even if they drive you CRAYZEE!

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As someone who's read the Joy Luck Club, it's a series of short stories about bad things happening to unlikeable (but not bad) women. From what I remember most of the conflicts are family driven, strife between new bride and mother in law, daughter and mother, that sort of thing. It's pretty much a love story to how much your own family can screw you up/over.

Apparently her mother saw herself all through the book (though it wasn't about her). Narcissist. But her mother (if her stories are true) had a horrible life. That being said, it's not good parenting to threaten to kill your daughter.

Just because it wasn't about her does not mean it wasn't about how said mother shaped and informed her daughter's life, the same way you can't really tease out the influences of Tolkien's time in the trenches from Lord of the Rings.

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Shes kind of a big deal here in Canadia.

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I've never read her to have any opinion. I've just seen her books laying about all the time (my mother and sister were heavy readers).

I didn't know it was a movie.

I found the story fascinating because it was an interview that expanded to the topic of her mother. It flowed really well. CBC has good producers.

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Her own story, or rather her mother's would make a great book. I think of the others, maybe Bonesetter's daughter is closer to autobiographical. I can't remember.

I enjoy her books,the Bonesetters Daughter is amazing but I want to eat Chinese food after reading them.

I've never read them. Being all mother/daughter, it doesn't appeal to me. Plus, it's less than 50 years old. I tend to kill myself by reading old classics.

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