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(no subject)
Hey. Which of you is all crazy about Jeremy Renner? It's one of my new friends, but I don't remember.

My point is I just saw him in American Hustle and he was GREAT. So was his hair. Just awesome.

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Yeah! So, have you seen it, yet? He's really good. Everyone is great in the movie.

The last movie I saw in the theater was "King Kong" on my first date with my husband, and that was eight years ago. Movie theaters and Tourette's aren't necessarily a good combination and I have serious obsessive control issues and don't like movie theaters because I can't control the sound volume, the idiots in front of me, or the pause or fast forward button.

Understandable. King Kong almost put me off cinema, too ;)

Well, keep it in mind when it can be seen from home.

I'm kinda fannish about him, and wanted to see American Hustle anyway, so this is good news!

I am not a hardcore fan, but I like him well enough. I like Bradley Cooper more, though. :) Glad to hear that the movie was good. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing it.

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