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(no subject)
I think in the very least, people should resolve to support people's resolutions instead of nay-saying.

I'm going to go down the IMDB Top 250 and catch the ones I haven't seen. It's time I watch more movies.

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I agree!

Which movie are you starting with today?

Tomorrow, it will be City of Joy. By stroke of luck, Netflix just added it. It's like they read my mind. Then it will be a couple Charlie Chaplain movies. I should make a check-off list

I love it when that happens. You should totally make a list. I'm going to try to watch 25 new-to-me movies.

Oh wait. City if God. The one about Rio, and not the one with Patrick Swayze.

how many are you missing?

I agree, people will nay-say.

But resolutions are resolutions- those nay-says should not matter :).

Uh oh. My resolution is to nay-say more. Looks like we are at odds here.

Agreed. Even people that don't "believe" in resolutions, how hard is it to support your fellow man in their endeavors?!?

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