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Why I miss cable.
"Courtney's wedding day couldn't get worse. Her fiance, Danny, has slept with a stripper and now their families are at war. Then the cops show up and arrest her for disturbing the peace."

Oh God! Sometimes I miss cable.

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"Next time on Downton Abbey..."

Downton Abbey isn't as high-brow as people think. Definitely middle-brow.

If that. It's a soap opera in pretty clothes.

TLC brings the bar real low.

At least Lady Mary doesn't wear blinking lights. But she DID let that Turk visit her bedroom where he died. Gasp!

Is this from "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding"?

Oh man. That show... Have you gotten to the bleach part? I was fucking horrified.

It was my show of choice after the accident. LOOL

It's all good. She forgave Danny and married him. Her mom didn't go, which made Danny's mom a little sad, despite feeling joyous she won the fight.

Danny is happy because he got everything he wanted. The stripper, and now his marriage. All's well that ends well.

is this what you are hearing through the walls at your condo this week?

We found ourselves pondering "My Strange Addictions" the other night. I am still feeling quixotic over the discovery of pony play.

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