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No Vera. You can't wash your hair with snow!
One of the advantages of my exorbitant condo fee for my townhouse is they have contractors clear the snow. They were out twice yesterday and thumping around at 5am.

This morning I just had to clear off my car (which I had already done last night) and they even shovelled a walkway to my car door. Getting the car out took a little rocking, but it was all good. I'm off a main street which gets ploughed. So driving to work was a cakewalk.

My office's parking lot wasn't ploughed yet, so I opted to get an oil change from the place on the corner. They let me drop it off unscheduled and let me pick it up by 5:30. Free parking with an oil change! Muahaha

Anyway, I'm in a good mood and everyone else is a cranky ass because they've been shoveling for days and got stuck getting here or getting into the lot, yada yada. So my relaxed mirth was not appreciated. These bastards didn't even miss me. Hmph! If I take too many vacations they may think they don't need me.

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Sheesh. We get zero snow shoveling with our exorbitant condo fees. My car door was frozen shut and I couldn't get the window down scan myself into the parking deck. I don't know how you people live like this.

You should take it up with the condo board.

I hate when the window freezes. One winter I broke the plastic thing that keeps the window up inside the door. So i had to drive with plastic taped in my window until I got someone to fix it.

You see a snowstorm, Vera sees the world's biggest bathtub.

Poor Vera-Ellen discovered you can't live on snow.

Not for lack of trying... wah-wah...

It's funny because she's already dead.

Now I've got that song stuck in my head.

Haha. Poor you. I really dislike that song. Especially the washing with snow. She cray!

We do not shovel snow. We either walk through it or drive through it. Nobody is going to shovel a foot and a half or two feet of snow every couple of weeks and a nice six or eight inches any time in between, so we just get out our boots and our all-wheel drive vehicles and just plod on through.

Got 'em in the trunk or the back of the truck if we need 'em. This is Lake Effect snow territory. Winter doesn't fuck around up here.

Wait. Where are you? NS or Toronto? I added too many friends at once and I gotta keep 'em separated.

Right on the US edge of Lake Erie.

You're making me work for this. Toledo? Cleveland? Buffalo?

I'm in Windsor, just south of Detroit. We're below the snow-belt that goes across SW Ontario. This is probably the kind of snow London usually gets. Bleah

I don't tell people on LJ where I live. And I don't tell them my real name. And I don't tell them my husband's or my kid's name. And I don't use any email address with my LJ that traces back to my real name or to any email I use in my regular life.

I like to keep my LJ life and my daily life separate.

(Deleted comment)
We haven't had this snowfall for quite a while. Last year was mild. The year before we had snow on the ground all January. but it was intermittent.

Nice move with the oil change!

I haven't heard from them, yet. I bet they'll tell me I need a new rebalance-maniford-phase-modulator-tesseract :)

The oil change is great thinking. I'll have to remember that it may come in handy someday.
I wish my place would shovel a path to my car door. I don't see it happening though.

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