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(no subject)
We watched some of The Good Wife before Christmas. I like how there's variety among the episodes. Different points of view and such. For instance, one episode is set in the jury deliberation.

But it seems odd how there will be 10 lawyers at the meeting for a very important lawsuit, but only Alicia seems to be capable of solving the case by looking REALLY hard at photos or videos and 'discovering' something. It's like her glassy eyes have some sort of preternatural ENHANCE mode. And then the investigator struts around in her come-fuck-me boots anywhere she wants to get those extra details.

I've been pondering the upcoming shows for 2014. Archer. Sherlock. I found a list of premieres. Walking Dead. Even Being Human (I'm kinda ashamed to admit). hey, I didn't know CougarTown was still on. it premieres tonight on TBS. And then I realized something: Fuck! I cancelled cable.


At least I can get House of Cards on Netflix in February. hee.

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dunno what season of good wife you're on... this most recent season has been awesome. definitely one of the better legal procedurals ever...

Just the first.

Also, Hello Stranger.

Edited at 2014-01-07 07:35 pm (UTC)

I have the first two Sherlocks now but no chance to watch them. DYING to see the next Walking Dead too, whenever it restarts,

Wife and I discussed if it's a show we should save to watch together. I can't remember what we agreed upon.

how are you watching good wife? looks like it's only on DVD with netflix, so I'm looking for another option.


I'd need that or cable. Normal TV is poopie.

Me too.  Damn lactose intolerance :(

So THIS is the post that flushes you out. Get it? Flushes?

Hey wait... I think your comment is in the wrong castle.

You must get some free trash tv?? Most of our trash is free and we have to PAY for Animal Planet and educational stuff.

I really like Alan Cumming but have no idea what The Good Wife is about!

I only get a few broadcast TV channels. So there's just news and reruns. Community on NBC just started again. Yay!

I've not got Community. We get quite a few free channels tho.

(Deleted comment)
At least Archer eschews the moralizing. They're all nicely rotten people.

There are ways of downloading TV shows for free if you have the internet I believe/

Of course, but it's not the same thing as finding something randomly. For instance, Being Human. I wouldn't care about the show if I had to make an effort. But it was always on Space (Canadian Sci-Fi/Fantasy + Castle channel)

The more Irish half and I are watching the British House of Cards with the intention of starting the US one afterwards. Perhaps we'll end up watching some of it at the same time!

Oh yeah, I need to watch the original House of Cards.

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