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Do you like my Kindle stand?
Do you like my Kindle stand?

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Mine must be broken. It always ends up on top of my tablet instead of holding it up.

(Deleted comment)
He put up with that for about five minutes then got annoyed with the camera

It was originally just the kindle and two orange arms for feet, then I realized how flummoxed he looked and had to get it in the shot.

But I'm sometimes very aware of my deprivation (plus, it's cold & I want a warm squishy kitty on my lap).


Love it!

Warm and furry!

He looks thrilled though...

He's stuck between annoyance and his compulsion to poke me in the trachea

Check it out!

(Deleted comment)
He is a complicated cat. He craves attention, but gets annoyed very quickly.


Oh no! I got deleted. Did I offend you? It was the poop post, wasn't it?

(Deleted comment)
Why do you hate me, so? I do as much as I can...

(Deleted comment)
OK. No probs. I just thought you did it by mistake again. Cheers.

Flip kindle over to polish on fur.

Oh now that is too cute!

He's thinking Dostoevsky isn't light reading.

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