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(no subject)
One other reason I hate Reddit:


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Some people don't like dogs. Or dogs in outfits. Or humanity. Or life. Or fun.

It's not an outfit. It's winter clothes. If it's cold for you, it's cold for the dog. Yada yada yada

I still need an Archer icon. SOO EXCITED!

Fucking Reddit. There's no socializing. And all people want to do is make fun of fat people. Sigh.

This is why I only rarely go on Reddit. That and the occasionally rampant misogyny.

Oh, the misogyny goes without saying. Disgusting. It's a whole forum of the bottom comments of news sites.

Edited at 2014-01-09 08:45 pm (UTC)

Maybe they think the jacket should be green? I think it looks rather cute!

(Deleted comment)
I haven't seen it! I heard about it and has a short biopic on Archersaurus' career spiral. I should have bought it when it was cheap at Christmas. Instead, I picked up the Harry Potter series on Blu-Ray.

(Deleted comment)
No. S1 is still $9.99. I thought they went up in price after the holiday. Maybe I was looking at the Blu Ray, which is also inexpensive.

Have you guys seen Venture Bros?

(Deleted comment)
It's different than Archer. Archer has more word-play. VB is more an homage to adventure cartoons. It takes a few episodes to get its legs and then it's sublime.

You seem delightful! I have consequently friended you. Not only am I an awkward smart woman - I'm mildly clumsy as well!

My favourite kind! And a redhead? I may faint.

Cute dog. Smart cat. Happy birthday. I came back from the dead to tell you that.

(Deleted comment)
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