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Overheard in the office
"Look, this is how it goes at an Italian meal. If you want a lot of food, say you want a 'teeny-tiny piece'. If you just want a teeny-tiny piece, say you're absolutely stuffed and you'll explode if you have more. If you don't want any more food, you'll have to kill her."

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This is actually really sound advice. Reminds me of Lithuania. If you don't want another full plate of food, then for god's sake, don't clean your plate.

But if you don't clean your plate, you'll insult a person. It's a conumdrum

I'm sure you've seen that "How to talk like a Minnesotan", where you have to refuse food three times but still take some?

I have seen it, and I can verify that it is also a true thing. I mean, if someone offers you food once or twice they're clearly just being polite and don't really want you to take the food...

They can keep their hot-dish. ((shudder))

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