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(no subject)
I'm trying to find an inspiring quote for my violin frustration -- Something to the effect of regardless of how it's going, keep playing.

I read a quote recently to the effect of:

If you don't reach enlightenment, tend field.
If you reach enlightenment, tend field."

But I can't find the quote to see the source. I tried to look up Nirvana quotes and all I get are shitty song lyrics.

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With violin, it's definite targeted practice. And practice. I can't pick it up osmotically by just holding it while watching TV. I know because I've tried.

It's just constant challenge after anohter. And then I start a bad habit, like keeping my elbow up, or clutching with my left hand. Gotta practice to relax while practicing. Mellow and confident.

Well, maybe not the enlightenment bit. But at the end of Candice, the moral is "just tend your garden."

It sounds like someone mashed Voltaire and Zen.



I thought it was an Opera

wait. Why did I say Rousseau and not Voltaire? Man, I am OFF this week. I quit

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