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Nom nom nom!

My red beans and rice doesn't have enough beans, but is still delicious. Want some? PSYCHE!


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This post is unfair without a recipe.

You don't have recipes for Louisiana cooking! Well, since I used Italian sausage instead of andouille and added corn, I guess I've broken other rules.

Umm, I had already cooked red beans which were kinda bland, While cooking the sausage, I diced a green pepper, two stalks of celery and 2/3 of an onion. It was about equal portions of each. I took out the sausage sliced 3 all fancy-like and tossed them and the beans in the saute. I then added salt and pepper and thyme and some fresh parsley. To add some colour I threw in a can of peaches and cream corn. I let that all collaborate as I reheated some rice.

Ideally, I should have cooked the beans in the mixture.

Here's a good recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/authentic-louisiana-red-beans-and-rice/detail.aspx

Thanks. Imma have to find some good vegan Italian sausage.

My pal says Italian may not be the best substitute because it's fennel and such.

You probably don't even need sausage.

I know. I just like a little faux-sausage every once in a while. Gimme Lean would probably work just fine.

Thanks. I like you other-continent people. You're good commenters.

Heh heh heh. Now I want more...

(Deleted comment)
It's pretty easy. I don't know how legitimately cajun it is. Probably an affront to the whole of Louisiana. But screw em. I make with what I have in the pantry.

Yes I want some! Gah, I just ate lunch, and it was plenty, and I'm supposed to be dieting, and you've made me hungry again! ;)

Oh, those are sausages. I'll just pretend they're veggie ones.

My sister bought these vegan Italian sausages which are DELICIOUS. I should find the brand and see if there's a similar brand in other countries. I rarely find it ridiculous to pretend meatless food is meat. Vegan thanksgiving can be delicious without being shaped like a turkey.

Linky for photo and recipes in thread

The lentil loaf is especially good.

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