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(no subject)
Today's dictionary.com word of the day is banal I find it interesting that the word CAN be pronounced like anal with a B. Jerks have ridiculed me for not saying it "buh-nal". Take that, jerks!

Ever mispronounce a word you know by reading but have never heard? At work I once insisted I was going to be "a-duh-mant" and my boss laughed and told me I put the em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-A-bull . We got off on the wrong foot.

I know someone's friend who was claiming someone put up a "fuh-kade"

Did we already have this conversation? Maybe it was on Facebook.

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I did that a lot when I was a kid because I spent more time reading books way past my age level than I did actually talking to other human beings.

I remember my mom laughing hysterically when I thought there was an after the b in "pubic area"
Public. Public. One letter makes a HUGE difference. Ha

I follow the Word of the Day as well. I usually post it on my Facebook.

I know of today's word, but I rarely use it because of its pronunciation.

Although I live down south, I am originally from up north. I have difficulty with the way people pronounce things down here, but one of the ones that irks me the most is "insurance." I say "in-SUR-ance" while they say "IN-surance."

I say "tom-A-to," you say "tom-AH-to."

No. It's toe-may-toe. No stress. Called it. Stamped it.

Florida has their own language. It also has 90% of the world's Cubans and mosquitoes.

Ever mispronounce a word you know by reading but have never heard?

All the time. I still do this. Patrick finds it very amusing.

I think there are probably others as well.

"The jig is up. The noose is out. They finally found me. The renege who had it made, retrieved for a bounty."

(I actually had to look up those lyrics. I've been mumbling Renegade since Styx was cool.)

I still do it and it's frustrating and a little embarrassing. Also, characters' names in books. GAH!

FWIW, I had pronounced banal in my head the same way as you. I don't think I've ever had to actually SAY it, though.

Yeah, I'm in the middle of Brothers Karamazov and I don't even bother to sound out the names in my head. I know them by what the names look like (which is confusing because they all have 3-5 different names)


We used to have an ice cream restaurant called Calliope. Big tack instrument and giant piggy bowls of ice cream. It's a shame it didn't last.

I had so many Greek names wrong in my head when I grew up.

The most egregious is Phoh-eb.

This would be the daily horror of my job. And I always botch Greek words. "But Angel, just remember to put the emphasis on the penultimate syllable." Well, obvs!

... for a while I insisted as a kid that it was Stephen King. Hyperbole for me is still a Hyper bowl.

And I thought everyone pronounced banal as Anal with a b in the front.

I just had this conversation about "assuage" with a co-worker.

He has been pronouncing it the correct ah-swaj. I have been pronouncing it the incorrect ah-sahz.

So embarrassing.

Yep. Posthumous. I mean, everything else related to 'after', you pronounce the 'post' as 'post', right?

Also hyperbole, and I remember reading a book whose main character was called Tina and I thought it was pronounced 'Tinna'.

Oh yes,but you were right with adamant if you were a Brit.

You're on Facebook too? Same here. But most of my family are also on FB so I don't share the same thoughts there as I do here (although less and less here, I note).
I learnt to read most words long before I'd ever heard them spoken.
So 'cafe' to me was 'kafe', as in 'safe', not 'kaffay'. It made my older sister scream with mocking laughter when she heard me mispronouncing words.

My partner is terrible for this. At least once a day he says something completely foreign to me, until I realise he is saying a word I know but COMPLETELY differently to how it is meant to be pronounced.

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