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(no subject)
Big day, today.

I am having a Rubbermaid/ZipLoc-Summit-2014. Today is the day in which all my lids and containers are going to be matched and cleaned.

Hopefully this will work out better than Sock-Summit-2013, where I ended up with a drawer full of unmatched socks.

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With unmatched socks you can at least were different ones and pretend it's on purpose. Unmatched lids and containers are somehow just sad ...

It's these generational packages. The lid is almost the same size, yet not quite. So there's probably an ill-fitting container at my wife's place.

And I have a screw-top container and a lid which do not watch, but no corresponding missing lid and container. Boo!

rubbermaid is supposed to have matching lids?

*mumbles* no way

Edited at 2014-01-25 11:00 pm (UTC)

Man oh man, let us know how this goes. I've been meaning to do this for a while, as my roommate's unmatched/dirty plastic container collection has expanded to the point that it fills almost our entire lone kitchen storage cupboard.

Good luck with that. I had some luck at my sister's, putting together some of hers because I needed a few sealed containers.

I haven't tried the same thing at home because I'm not sure if I want that frustration.

I've done this. The best advice I can give you: Remember, the recycle bin exists for a reason!

So you are all about exercises in futility then?

Resolve to always put the lid on the container as soon as you take it out of the dishwasher or as soon as you wash and dry it. Put it away complete. Containers or lids without mates get tossed. You don't need 300 leftover containers!

Doesn't adulthood just thrill you with adventure sometimes?

Both sock summit and tupper-summit were eventually successful for me - Good luck with yours!

I purposefully wear odd socks.I claim it's a fashion statement.

You can get plastic ring thingies that clip your socks together. They come out of the dryer sorted. Life's too short to spend it sorting socks.

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