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First Look
First look of Peter Capaldi as Doctor #... oh, I lost count 2 doctors ago...

Woefully lacking in patches, and scarves, and bow-ties, and vegetables.

Yet, I'm actually starting to get excited.


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(Deleted comment)
If they get some good stories, this will be a great season.

I have a very good feeling about him, I immediately believed in him as soon as he regenerated. It took me a while to get used to Matt.

I liked Matt right away. I really liked S5. I didn't like his menacing "fear me" bragging. but it's not without precedent.

I'm really digging the coat and "spooky hand".

His being an older guy is another thing I like. Lady companions falling for the last two was getting mighty old. I want uncle/niece platonic relationship.

Exactly. I prefer the doctor as an avuncular character as well.

It vaguely reminds me of the 1st doctor. And he's canonically the 14th doctor, but the 13th doctor we have actually had chronologically. Because I have a really hard time with the 9th doctor the introduced in the 50th anniversary special.

How is he 14? There were 11, then they added Hurt, then Capaldi. 13.

Does The Valeyard (between 12-13) count? Or The Watcher in Logopolis (between 4-5)

Edited at 2014-07-22 06:28 pm (UTC)

He looks like Ten Pole Tudor as he was in the Crystal Maze.

I have serious coat envy going on. But £795? - no chance.

Thank-you! It would need to come in a shortarse length though, otherwise I'd look like the cos-play kid who'd raided her dad's wardrobe.

I was excited just to get away from 11. Now this new Doctor wears Docs? Oh yes....very excited now. :D

I'll have to lose weight to rock this costume next halloween

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