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(no subject)
Excuse my journal looking like a Tumblr, but this is the greatest thing I've seen in 2014.


"Welcome to the labyrinth kid. Only there aren't any puppets or bisexual rocks stars, here."

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Gasp! LJ removes animations?

(Deleted comment)
No reference. I just love Community. Annie Edison went full Gary Oldman. (As Stansfield in Leon: The Professional)

And there was the labyrinth comment. Which didn't have anything to do with the GIF. I just thought it was funny. Sometimes I just say these things for myself. It's a jumble of errata in my noggin.

I watched this last night....so good. Community feels right again ( though I do miss Troy already)

Did you see the scrolling news on the TV at the end? "LeVar Burton (and non-celebrity) captured by pirates in Mexico"

It was a solid non-conceptual episode. Very good coming out of the previous one. I love the wheeling and dealing, like something out of M*A*S*H. And Prof Hickey is a great addition.

Community! Another show I need to watch!
Plus I love-love-love Alison Brie.

Yes. Yes you do. It's great fun. It's smart & silly.

What is Labyrinth being used as a metaphor regarding?

((also, why on EARTH would one get in a labyrinth that lacks those things? unless it was a hedge maze labyrinth which would be entirely different ... I need more of all three in my life))

It's in reference to the tortuous nature of bureaucracy. More Kafka than Borges.

Also, your boyfriend (John Oliver) totally had the best line and starred in the end tag.

I don't know who that is.

*sits in the old fogey corner*

It's Annie Edison on Community giving the crazy eyes like Stansfield (Gary Oldman) in Leon: The Professional (an excellent film, PS)

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