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(no subject)
OK. Maybe everyone takes Harry Pooter too seriously.

Everyone needs to step back from the Internet.

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(Deleted comment)
Yes. There have been some passionate statements on LJ, Reddit and Facebook.

I just realized I wrote Harry "Pooter". I'm keeping it that way. Nyuck!

JKR claims she wished she had paired Harry and Hermione

And Ron fans are butt-hurt

Seriously?! I'm...I mean, I'm a HUGE HP nerd but...what the WHUCK?! People are butt-hurt about this?!

Hey. People get upset about this stuff. Imagine if Lucas suddenly said "Yeah, I didn't like the brother-sister thing. I wish Luke and Leia got together and Han died"

Heh. That's a funny misspelling.

I've learned to live with the great disappointment that Andie was supposed to originally end up with Duckie in Pretty in Pink, so I've learned to live with most of them. Plus, something's got to make Ron worth keeping around on HP (plus, I like it that Harry got together with Ginny).

I'm so glad that the only involvement I have in fandom is just my own little close circle of friends. Some people are just plain...well....fanatics.

Snapes' astral wives disagree.

I clearly missed something because a few people are going on about it on my FL and I have no idea what it's all about? 0.o

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