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My tweets
  • Mon, 14:55: If George R R Martin passes before he finishes ASoIaF, do you think Michael Gambon could fill in?

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Don't make me hurt you.

We looked at Georgie's blog (which is an LJ, lol) on Super Bowl Sunday and he mentioned eating all the junk food and whatnot. Daniel said "He's going to DIIIIIIEEE!" He needs to get some fire under his ass and finish this book. And the next (last) one.

I think that was one of my best tweets, and you're the only one that noticed :( I'm gonna put it on Facebook now and see if I get a better response.

There's a photo going around of him grinning holding a whiteboard that says "Be nice, or Tyrion is next". Hahaha!

I now pray for the Jets and Giants to win so he doesn't have an meltdown and not finish it.

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