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Big Error, Part 6
I just noticed the next Disney Animated Classic coming out in November is going to be "Big Hero 6". Without actually looking it up, I am going to preemptively announce this is bad for Disney.

Anything numbered 6 is lousy by nature. IE 6, Wordperfect 6. Java 6. The Pentium Pro was awesome, but they avoided a fiasco by not calling it the Sexium, or (appropriately) Hexium. Regardless of how you order them, both Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith, stink.

And if you think this curse only relates to actual incremental releases, I give you "Leonard, Pt 6"

Anyone think of anything in support or contrary to this pet theory? A co-worker argues "FtT 6: Jason Lives" and "ST6:The Undiscovered Country" are good.

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Harry Potter 6 ... oh wait. But HP 2 was far worse.
Narnia ... I have no idea. It's been so long I actually forgot about the witch in the wardrobe at one point.
Paradise Lost ... eh. If you're into Abdiel I guess.

Hmm. Well, I liked Magicians's Nephew. But if we go with Lewis' preferred order, that would be The Silver Chair, which IIRC wasn't too lousy. So maybe you have a good counter.

HP 6. Was that the one with all the teen relationship crap? Bleah. But the Horcrux chase and bug plot points made it notable. HP 5 was more entertaining, yet oddly, just scaffolding. Oooh, there's a prophecy!

I don't remember Henry VI. I watched a BBC series on the English Monarchy up to the Stuarts, and I don't remember him. Time to watch it again.
However, he was notable enough to have THREE Shakespeare plays.

Now George VI was ok. He was cool enough to be portrayed by Colin Firth!

yeah, he was noteworthy enough for a few plays, but Shakespeare totally avoided mentioning that Henry was nuts. He didn't want to piss off Elizabeth I (smart move).

Probably also why Richard III was an outright villain. Bill knew how to play the game.

(Deleted comment)
Can you think of any pro arguments? For instance, Vista is technically Microsoft NT 6.0 . See what I mean?

(It's fun finding arbitrary patterns)

I'm a fan of HP 6 (HBP) and BTVS season 6 so...

The Prisoner was Number 6 and that is cool beyond cool.

I have an appropriate icon!

Ok, so we have some exceptions:

Cylon Model 6
Number 6 (who rejects that appelation, ps)
st6: the undiscovered country
The sixth doctor (the episodes were dreck, but Colin baker was great)

Hey - my birthday is 6-26...does that makes me bad? :P

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