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(no subject)
LOL Facebook!

Her: (paraphrasing) I was waiting on the sidewalk waiting for the light when I noticed everyone in their car was on the phone. As I was contemplating this and how people are so careless, a facilities truck jumped the curb and almost hit me. Didn't see me until he passed and I screamed. If I hadn't have jumped out of the way, you'd be at my funeral.

Friend: (direct quote) well the universe gave you a mighty wake up call this morning didn't it? as you were judging others in their behavior- where was it that you chose the opinion that it wasn't ok? anytime we judge another actions we activate that energy within ourselves. then the universe has to get our attention. so why not let others' do others' and you just be in allowance for anything they choose to do? just a differing opinion

Me: Did someone seriously say someone almost hit you because of JUDGING ENERGY??

Seriously, I think social media and free speech is important. This way we know who's a bigot and who has a frightening sense of reality. It wasn't worth commenting to, but WHAT THE FUCK? This is the stupidest victim blaming I've ever read!

I now have to go to the store. If I die, blame the JUDGING ENERGY.

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(Side-eye to the "friend"): Oh honey, if "judging energy" could kill, I'd have been dead a looooong long time ago.

I think it's the lecturing tone that makes it so awful.

Two years from now, I'm going to be lecturing people about Judging Energy and people are not going to realize I'm being facetious.

What an appalling example of someone missing the point! Everyone needs a little judgement from time to time to remind us not to do stupid things like driving recklessly or preaching at victims on social media. Also, I'm judging that friend's use of apostrophes so hard right now.

I've unlocked this post so the woman who almost got run over can read it.

It's the weirdest victim blaming I've ever heard!

Isn't Preachy Friend being awfully judgmental about initial poster's train of thought?

I'm just so taken aback by the tone. Turns out she's survived some problems, so she's become a know-it-all. I kinda want to know her...

How much you want to bet JUDGING ENERGY Friend is one of those who can't put the phone away while driving.

Interesting. So karma side-eyes people judging people for behaving recklessly harder than people behaving recklessly?

If judging energy was harmful that sanctimonious so and so wouldn't have been here and free to post such a monumentally idiotic thing.

I better stay safely inside my house at all times, because I must have a metric ton of judging energy following me around, waiting to pounce.

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