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(no subject)
OK, cynica has declared an LJ Renaissance. Well, she didn't phrase it that way, but that's what she meant.

Who's in? Come back from your World of Warcraft and Dreamwidth and MySpace and Facebook and Google+ and tell me all about your family and your fanfic. And photos! *WE* know selfies are *NOT* evil. Sure, selfie sticks look as ridiculous as socks on sandals, but we don't have to see it. I want to see what you people look like.

Reddit has no community. Gawker is assholes. Jezebel is toxic. I want to hear your stories without wading through EE Cards about drinking wine, or UpWorthy listing things (#4 broke my heart!)

If anything, there's a whole new crop of uninformed 20 year old moms to argue with!

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Don't forget quiz results and furries. Remember when you couldn't go anywhere in LJ without tripping over one and or the other?

I had an affinity for anime-loving librarians who knit. So, pretty much everyone.

I mean... I never left.

Wow paragraph 4, you can come sit by me :)

(Deleted comment)
Revolutions can start at any time.

I didn't even find LJ till about 2010 and then I was thrilled that there was actually a place where people talked to each other. It's taken me some time to find a group of friends that have stayed with me and that I talk to regularly, but it's been worth it. There are a few people I desperately wish would come back, but since I don't know why they left and I can't get in touch with them, I can't do much about it.

And if you're my friend, you get to hear about my family and see all the pictures of all the stupid things and me and trees and all that. I was quite sad to have to go friends-only (I keep my nature posts unlocked), but even LJ has its trolls, and at least now I'm not as worried about someone from RL accidentally finding me and discovering what I REALLY think.

(Deleted comment)
Seems to keep happening... old friends just drop off with no warning and nobody knows where they went. Oh, well. Nothing to be done about it, I suppose.

I'm too siiick for the revolution. Can't you hear my whine from there?

Yet here you are, being a part of it!

She's got a man-cold. They're worse than normal ones...

I'm just that committed.

Meh. Last I heard, your fever is only 102.5F

Let me know when you're really sick I'll give you some sympathy.

Hey, I never left. I love this place.

Here is a selfie.

If you really want to hear about my fanfic I can tell you all about it, I guess, but it's not something that I post about too often on LJ because I maintain a certain plausible deniability between IRL, LJ, and fannish identities. (But let's be honest given the slightest bit of urging and/or alcohol I will talk about it At Great Length.)

My family...well, I've just got the one and we haven't fought for awhile so crossing fingers.

Hey. You look a lot like a former friend of mine. She was cool. We just sorta drifted.

Also, you didn't mention the source of your fanfic. You seem too fancy for Supernatural.

LOL. I have never seen Supernatural. I've written a bunch of angsty stories, largely about fucked-up dudes falling in love on road trips, for a bunch of semi-obscure fandoms.

I am absolutely in no way someone called GroteskBurlesque on AO3 for the fics I'm proud of, and I Am Your Spy for the shamelessly self-indulgent and/or old stuff. The one I'm least ashamed of (a.k.a. I would file off the serial numbers and try to get it published if I could think of a way to do it that made sense) is "Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes."

I actually came on here to make a post today :)

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