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  • Tue, 19:13: To people crying over a lion: Yes, it's sad. How many pigs, chickens and cows have you eaten this year? Rein it in with a little perspective

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Like Charlie the Tuna, they WANT to be eaten. It's their little thanatos drive.

Thanatos Drive? I love that! I've never heard that expression.

Do you watch BoJack Horseman? It's got a world where the people and animal-people live together. There are no pets, but there are little scenes, like a cow waitress serving food with disdain "here's your steak" and the customer is all "I'm sorry..."

They did a whole episode on eating meat. There's a chicken farm that raises chickens, but also run by chickens. The difference? Some are people and some are genetically modified for maximum eatin'. It's unsettling but also very very funny.

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