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(no subject)
This is "White Privilege". I'm snarking so if you have a problem with that, feel free to not read. Oh hell, no. read it.

Someone posted a FB post saying that though the Cecil the Lion story is sad, so are the stories of those murdered by the police (namely, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland). What would help is if we all foster understanding and compassion.

- People take issue over the choice of the word "murder". They then argue over the Sandra Bland video and whether she deserved arrest and "mysterious death"
- two chime in about the evils of Planned Parenthood -- that (gasp!) some use abortion as birth control. Someone literally says "who will speak for those with no voices?"

And then there is this nugget:
- "I haven't been stopped by the police in over 20 years and have no fear of them.. Why? My vehicles are maintained properly and I obey the traffic laws. Hmm... Am I depressed that I don't have a job as a college educated 50 year old you no what male? Yes. - I love cats and Cecil was murdered, however, we have more pressing issues right here at home. i.e. Immigration, economy, homelessness(soon for me), etc. Can we not focus more of our energy there?"

Pro-life people will always grind that axe. It's to be expected. They won't go away unless you ignore them.

I'm more angry about the unemployed guy. The thread became a job hunt for this bozo. It takes the blindness of privilege to say "I never get in trouble with the law because I do all the right things" and then ask people to feel bad for him because some misfortune befell him. If he had a job, he'd be talking about the jobless with "I have a job because I'm college educated and do all the right things so why should I care. I got where I am because I work had, not because I'm a 'you know what' male"

I'm more angry than I thought I was. But I do care. I care for him. I care for the police. I care for their "victims". It's just exhausting.

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people are self absorbed. They can hijack any thread and make it about them.

and yeah it bothers me a little that people on my fb are more upset about this fucking lion than they are about all this other shit. Yes, i know that argument "you can be upset about more than one thing." But it still bothers me. It was a fucking LION. It's not like he drowned his baby in a bathtub. And people wanna crucify this guy.

Fearing for employment is scary. It's like when one's heart is broken or an old person is sick. They get totally into themselves because it's a constant problem. I know where he's coming from. I hope he's as compassionate when someone else has the same problem, but I highly doubt he will.

The Lion thing is easy. Nobody has to look at himself. A rich white guy did a shitty thing and everyone can be completely outraged. Then a shit like Jimmy Kimmel can CRY ON CAMERA about it and everyone is "awwww", sends money, and then writes death threats on his Yelp reviews -- And it's not that people can't be sad, but the perspective seems skewed, IMO.

And (belabouring a point) most of us continue to eat meat with little concern about its source. But only cows, chickens and pigs. Only uncivilized countries would eat horse or do. Apparently that's "totally different". So is killing an endangered species it seems. I'm not a vegetarian. I feel a constant twinge of guilt. How can someone be so blatantly outraged by one thing but take the "fuck them... they taste good" with something else with dissonance. I am jealous as I wish I was as sharp with my dialectics.

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We can even feel bad for having compassion fatigue. We can escape it just by not paying attention.

I like the expression "driving while white"

Really bugs me when people pull this shit. There's a time and a place for everything: lions, abortion, cops, Trump, and the rest are ALL separate topics and each one has plenty of places where you can go to talk/rant/whatever about each one. Derailing, going off-topic, or combing topics to make yourself appear better than everybody is what dumb assholes do (current winner of the Top Title goes to the guy who made the huge leap from a lion to auto care to jobs to pity party - WTF???!!!).

It was something to see someone make such a leap, and getting a pass. Now, the poster came in to say the point of the post was compassion, so they kind of reined it in.

I don't know why it's no longer acceptable to express or feel sadness about a trivial thing, I really don't. This policing of FB is getting ridiculous. It's why I never post anything anymore.

that said, I really would not want to be left alone with that lion. People love sharks too and everyone was awwing over that one video of a shark being thrown back into the ocean. I hate sharks but even I felt a twinge of "HELP IT LIVE" when I saw it dying on the beach. Saddest thing I saw was driving in North Carolina was a big truck full of little piglets. Those little pink creatures all had their heads stuck through the gaps in the truck bed enclosing, eyes closed, little faces tilted up to the sun, little ears flapping in the breeze. I don't eat pork anymore for a different reason, but that image definitely helps me avoid bacon.

You just don't want something to suffer, even if it's something unpleasant or even dangerous. I argue empathy is good.

Snouts on trucks is the worst. You see them on the highway every once in a while.

There is so much of the "but what about THIS" going around right now. I hate it.

People post about their pet cause and then inevitably someone else jumps on it with non-sequitur "how can you worry about that when XYZ is so much worse?"

How can you give money to fight Alzheimer's when there are children who won't even grow up because they don't have food? Etc, etc, etc. it's irritating.

How can you care about any of this when Kraft has announced they changed the name of Kraft Dinner to KD. What kind of bullshit is this? I'm gonna start a petition.

Why can't we be outraged at all of it? Why does being outraged at one aspect negate our outrage at the rest of the bullshit that is going on in the world?

Her point was you can. But things would be better if we all fostered understanding and compassion... and it fell upon deaf ears. People just saw their feelings being minimized, or needed to exert their anti-choice agenda.

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I hate FB outrage cycles.

1. Why is no one talking about this horrible thing?
2. Everyone talks about the horrible thing.
3. Why is everyone so outraged about this horrible thing when there is a worse horrible thing happening?
4. If you post anything about the first horrible thing, you are horrible yourself.
5. No one should care about anything.


I care about a lot of things. I reserve the right to post about the ones that personally enrage me the most.

Memes happen. I prefer when they're based on truth. I have my peeves. Apparently my entire friends list is a bunch of chronic wine drinkers, if the EEcards are any indication.

And there are the pet outrages. And the friend who insists on posting articles about abused animals with photos. (pun not intended)

(Here via Home Page)

I'm not sure I even understand your post.

People are whining over a lion being killed. People whine about criminals killed by police as a result of being involved in criminal acts/not cooperating with police. And some of those very same people think that babies being murdered, chopped up and their parts sold is okay.

The moral insanity of our culture is beyond my capacity to understand.

Yeah. There's that twisted lack of compassion and understanding we can expect from anti-choicers. Thanks for providing an example!

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