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This is "White Privilege". I'm snarking so if you have a problem with that, feel free to not read. Oh hell, no. read it.

Someone posted a FB post saying that though the Cecil the Lion story is sad, so are the stories of those murdered by the police (namely, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland). What would help is if we all foster understanding and compassion.

- People take issue over the choice of the word "murder". They then argue over the Sandra Bland video and whether she deserved arrest and "mysterious death"
- two chime in about the evils of Planned Parenthood -- that (gasp!) some use abortion as birth control. Someone literally says "who will speak for those with no voices?"

And then there is this nugget:
- "I haven't been stopped by the police in over 20 years and have no fear of them.. Why? My vehicles are maintained properly and I obey the traffic laws. Hmm... Am I depressed that I don't have a job as a college educated 50 year old you no what male? Yes. - I love cats and Cecil was murdered, however, we have more pressing issues right here at home. i.e. Immigration, economy, homelessness(soon for me), etc. Can we not focus more of our energy there?"

Pro-life people will always grind that axe. It's to be expected. They won't go away unless you ignore them.

I'm more angry about the unemployed guy. The thread became a job hunt for this bozo. It takes the blindness of privilege to say "I never get in trouble with the law because I do all the right things" and then ask people to feel bad for him because some misfortune befell him. If he had a job, he'd be talking about the jobless with "I have a job because I'm college educated and do all the right things so why should I care. I got where I am because I work had, not because I'm a 'you know what' male"

I'm more angry than I thought I was. But I do care. I care for him. I care for the police. I care for their "victims". It's just exhausting.

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Fearing for employment is scary. It's like when one's heart is broken or an old person is sick. They get totally into themselves because it's a constant problem. I know where he's coming from. I hope he's as compassionate when someone else has the same problem, but I highly doubt he will.

The Lion thing is easy. Nobody has to look at himself. A rich white guy did a shitty thing and everyone can be completely outraged. Then a shit like Jimmy Kimmel can CRY ON CAMERA about it and everyone is "awwww", sends money, and then writes death threats on his Yelp reviews -- And it's not that people can't be sad, but the perspective seems skewed, IMO.

And (belabouring a point) most of us continue to eat meat with little concern about its source. But only cows, chickens and pigs. Only uncivilized countries would eat horse or do. Apparently that's "totally different". So is killing an endangered species it seems. I'm not a vegetarian. I feel a constant twinge of guilt. How can someone be so blatantly outraged by one thing but take the "fuck them... they taste good" with something else with dissonance. I am jealous as I wish I was as sharp with my dialectics.

1.Ive been unemployed 2 years & am going insane, so i totally get that. I dont bring it up in every thread. (i did in this one, because it-unemployment- was brought up.)
2.Yeah, the animal thing is weird. There's no consistent set of morals about it at all. People go nuts cause one lion was killed-but yeah like you mentioned-how many chickens, cows & pigs get killed every day? But thats food, so it's ok. (im not a vegetarian at all, but im not a hypocrite about it either.)

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Yeah. It seems better to accept it's possibly wrong and own up to it.

It's like when people rationalize around software piracy but saying it's totally not stealing. "Evil corporations don't pay the developers!" "I can't afford these prices!". Just admit you know it's wrong and copy your damn movie. Sheesh!

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this gets me all the time, too. Yes, it is stealing. Just admit it and move on.

Also, I'm sorry you're out of a job. I hope you find one, soon.

Because people are not psychopaths. Same reason we find it gross to eat our family pets. In the U.S., people view horses as pets, so eating them seems as gross as eating a dog or a cat. I bet in India, eating a cow is seen as gross (well, probably worse) as eating a dog or a cat here. It's OKAY to not empathize with every living thing and not feel guilty about eating meat, but then connect on an emotional level with a lion who is portrayed as having a name, a family, and children to take care.

It just seems to arbitrary. I find rabbits to be unique. People literally keep them for both pets or meat. Somehow they can shift back and forth depending on the specific critter.

When that Ikea horse-meat scandal came out I was arguing mis-labelling food was wrong, but why be so upset it's horse? Similarly "Pink Slime". It's still cow, people! yeah yeah, offal and chlorine, but Anthony Bourdain is still an asshole.

I definitely would not be able to eat rabbit or deer meat. Makes me sad. If somebody was like, look at this chicken. Give it a hug. then bam, killed it in front of me, I would be sad and wouldn't eat it, but I am fat and happy. I am certain if my child was starving and it was either this chicken's life or my kid's, I would end that chicken myself. But I wouldn't be able to do that the FAMILY dog or any stray dog that I find who is cute and friendly. A mean dog, maybe.

While we were visiting family, my dad's cousin made his son eat his pet rabbit (I think they were raising them to be eaten, but he named it and was the one who took care of them). He was not a happy boy. My sister was furious my dad said it was chicken, and she knew it wasn't. For years I heard the story about my dad trying to trick her.

My only rule with people and food is to NEVER lie to me about what I'm eating. You want to serve me horse, tell me and let me decide. This is there where the Ikea scandal bothers me.

Was it filly-ing?

I have not. I kinda expected it when I was in France or Belgium, but nope.

I sound like Mr Brave, but I haven't actually had horse, or cat or dog. Well, not KNOWINGLY. Ha!

In terms of anathematic NA food, But I had steak tartare and I have to say, it was gross. It's like raw kibbeh. I've been so conditioned by the NA news, I fear raw ground meat. I still tried, it, though.

I was totally tryin' to get some horse in Paris, but didn't track down the restaurant 'till after 2 PM.
Apparently, 2 - 8 PM = forget about finding 'real' French food o'clock. DAMMIT!

Dude. I didn't know what you were talking about until I looked at the context. I thought you were telling me you were looking for heroin. Haha

Not me. Never puffed a cigarette, even.

Out there, it's cheval--but I didn't think anyone would get what I was saying.

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