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This is "White Privilege". I'm snarking so if you have a problem with that, feel free to not read. Oh hell, no. read it.

Someone posted a FB post saying that though the Cecil the Lion story is sad, so are the stories of those murdered by the police (namely, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland). What would help is if we all foster understanding and compassion.

- People take issue over the choice of the word "murder". They then argue over the Sandra Bland video and whether she deserved arrest and "mysterious death"
- two chime in about the evils of Planned Parenthood -- that (gasp!) some use abortion as birth control. Someone literally says "who will speak for those with no voices?"

And then there is this nugget:
- "I haven't been stopped by the police in over 20 years and have no fear of them.. Why? My vehicles are maintained properly and I obey the traffic laws. Hmm... Am I depressed that I don't have a job as a college educated 50 year old you no what male? Yes. - I love cats and Cecil was murdered, however, we have more pressing issues right here at home. i.e. Immigration, economy, homelessness(soon for me), etc. Can we not focus more of our energy there?"

Pro-life people will always grind that axe. It's to be expected. They won't go away unless you ignore them.

I'm more angry about the unemployed guy. The thread became a job hunt for this bozo. It takes the blindness of privilege to say "I never get in trouble with the law because I do all the right things" and then ask people to feel bad for him because some misfortune befell him. If he had a job, he'd be talking about the jobless with "I have a job because I'm college educated and do all the right things so why should I care. I got where I am because I work had, not because I'm a 'you know what' male"

I'm more angry than I thought I was. But I do care. I care for him. I care for the police. I care for their "victims". It's just exhausting.

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that said, I really would not want to be left alone with that lion. People love sharks too and everyone was awwing over that one video of a shark being thrown back into the ocean. I hate sharks but even I felt a twinge of "HELP IT LIVE" when I saw it dying on the beach. Saddest thing I saw was driving in North Carolina was a big truck full of little piglets. Those little pink creatures all had their heads stuck through the gaps in the truck bed enclosing, eyes closed, little faces tilted up to the sun, little ears flapping in the breeze. I don't eat pork anymore for a different reason, but that image definitely helps me avoid bacon.

You just don't want something to suffer, even if it's something unpleasant or even dangerous. I argue empathy is good.

Snouts on trucks is the worst. You see them on the highway every once in a while.

I have never seen any here in my part of Florida, for which I am grateful. Honestly, if I could have somebody prepare all my meals for me, I would be fine with going vegetarian.

The advantages of living in an International throughfare. We see a lot of trucks. Now, if they'd only get them off our streets by building a new friggin bridge, that would be nice.

And I take it Florida isn't a great place for livestock.

we have cows! Across the street from my neighborhood, even.

Aren't you at the border? I was just thinking the sandy soil isn't good for feed, but I don't know anything.

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