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(no subject)
Didst thou hear the new Prometheus film is going to be called "Alien: Paradise Lost"?

Milton was an Engineer

Sing, Cinema! - Muse of motion picture -
Of execreble prequels. How pretentious
Is this colourless tripe shown in three-dee?
Devoid of narration. Devoid of wit.
How wasted is talent on vapid plot,
Confounded with grisly happenstance?
Tell us o Muse, with whose authority
May Ridley Scott dare disturb Milton's grave,
Whose chthonic voice deserves greater respect?
Nuppence more shall be wasted on this effort

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(Deleted comment)
Hey Jacob Two-Two. I'm getting all of your comments, twice. Is it your browser?

Also, thanks.

Thanks :)

I lack his river of lame contractions.
I've been obsessed with blank verse, recently.
I still need to count with my fingers. Yep.
I thought I came up with a neologism -
nuppence - but alas, it is in the OED.

Edited at 2015-09-25 03:39 pm (UTC)

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