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What's the biggest news of the night?

Jays win
Trudeau wins
New Star Wars trailer
New Life is Strange
New Dr Who
New Gilmour Girls

Am I missing anything important?

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Incumbents usually don't get that kind of support, do they?

I'm not sure what you mean. He's not really an incumbent since he can't run again for President (incumbant usually means someone with a position who is running for re-election). He's a lame duck right now (ie: he can't run again) but sometimes they have very high popularity towards the end. Bill Clinton did as did Regan, if I remember correctly. George W. Bush had terrible approval in his second term due to the endless wars and then his non-response to Katrina.

Obama has had poor numbers in part probably due to all of the non-scandals that have been argued by the Republicans for years, but he's getting better ratings now.

Brain fart. I meant lame duck.

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