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(no subject)
I am finding myself comparing various black-hole jobs to the "Defence Against the Dark Arts".

For instance, Harper's Ministers of the Environment, who got progressively worse. There's Baird and Prentice. I didn't think I could disrespect someone more than that complete boob, Peter Kent, until Leona Aglukkaq. It's not going to be Elizabeth May, people... she can't even figure out how to show up to vote.

As for the US, it's Speaker of the House. Nobody wants to be in that vise between Obama and the House Freedom Caucus. Let's see if Paul Ryan can do something.

Are there any other revolving-door/impossible-to-fill jobs I haven't considered?

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Oooooh I have one! Director of the Toronto District School Board.


Yeah, we had a director problem with the WECDSB. I lost track after my teacher ex and I broke up.

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