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(no subject)
Guys! What happens if Trump wins?

I'll tell you one thing that will happen: I'll win $2 from my employee.

"OMG, you bet to support Trump?" My wife asked. No, of course I do not support Trump. But for 2 years I'd had to hear guy talk about how it's mathematically impossible for Trump to win because there are too many women and PoC voters. So, during the Summer I asked him if he wanted to wager on it. I think guy is ignoring the crazy electoral vote system and underestimating 30 years of hatred toward Hillary Clinton. The fact H isn't overwhelmingly in the lead is a bad sign. He thinks I give too much credence to polls, which ultimately serve to keep people interested in polls until the election.

And that's $2 if he gets elected. Trump wouldn't have to get sworn in.

In any case, my guy has been annoyingly cocksure and it's worth risking $2 to be able to hold over him, at least until the bombs start dropping.

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. . .

*bursts into tears*

If the Cubs can will the World Series, anything can happen in these End Times.

I'm going to be *really* nice to you because it might help to have friends who live in Canada. . . .

Time to start up the Underground Railroad, again.

Trump is going to build a northern wall to keep youse Americans in.

Edited at 2016-11-03 04:37 pm (UTC)

*tears* *tears* *tears*

But Minnesota is SO CLOSE to Canada. Can't we just come?

Sure. I have room for a family three, maybe more. I don't know if you'll like our warm climate.

I'm going to be *really* nice to you because it might help to have friends who live in Canada. . . .

this seems like a sound plan.

in other news, i hope like heck you lose $2.

in other-other news, i seriously doubt the first nation he'll bomb will be Canada. then again, i may be over-estimating his wisdom.

He'll just sue the G&M and Macleans for saying bad things about him.

(Deleted comment)
People seem to think their hatred for the woman is completely rational, not admitting realizing 30 years of smears influence them. First rule of advertising is it works on everyone. Second rule is everyone thinks it works on everyone but themselves.

Changed my icon to Diamond Shreddies, which was a very effective and clever ad campaign no one admits influenced them.

Edited at 2016-11-04 02:08 am (UTC)

i voted today

and then I broke up with my latino boyfriend because even though he should be smart enough to realize what he is doing, he was raised Evangelical and adopted and refuses to vote for someone who would support abortion.

Wait, what? Ben? Holy shit! Wait. For real or are you being facetious?

Interesting point, the employee I have the bet with is adopted, and though he pro-choice, feels it's his place to advise women strongly against it whenever he sees fit.

For reals for reals. We agree on basically everything - including what a loose cannon horrible person trump is - and yet that one issue is so so so important to him that he doesn't seem to care about anything else. His biological mom wanted an abortion and was talked into adoption and he is very aware of the fact that he might not be here.

That being said, I ALMOST had him when I pointed out that Trump wants to reverse the deals Obama has made with Cuba, because he is Cuban and oh so excited to go visit his homeland.

Oh and I was being facetious about us breaking up but I have threatened that if he voted for Trump.

I should have guessed you guys were solid enough to differ on abortion. It's not like you differ on something important, like if he was a Yankees fan.

Right? Now that's cause for a break up.

If I were you, I'd rather lose the $2.

I know, eh? But it'll be a small small consolation.

I'm hoping for a miracle that neither wins.

You always kill me, Steve. ;-)

Sorry I missed you on this last trip home. :-(

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