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After enjoying Westworld, I've been ploughing through Person of Interest. The show is like crack, but broadcast TV has soooooooo many episodes. I like the 12-13 episode season.

I've become reluctant to share what shows I'm watching, because I find some people enjoy spoiling the fun.

That being said, I finished Man in the High Castle and the second season was excellent.
Tagomi is a party animal.

What are you guys watching?

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Why are people such jerks about spoiling things?

We just watched (and liked) Westworld. We finished Black Mirror (good, dark, sometimes unpleasant). We did the Doctor Who Christmas special and have to watch the most recent Sherlock.

We started on Luke Cage, but I'm not that into it yet.

We watched the very first Black Mirror then found out it was an anthology. We wanted something serial.

I'm way behind in Doctor Who.

I set Luke Cage aside. It's been good but something turned me off and I rewatched all of Westworld for the finale and then started on POI. I'll get back to Cage.

I loved the first series of Black Mirror, but it's such grim viewing at times that I feel I need to be in the right frame of mind to tackle watching it again.

For sure. Post-election it was sort of like indulging in the worst of our demons. (In the second series there's an election parody that hit a little too close to home, though.)

Post-UK Brexit vote and post-US elections I had a strong urge to re-watch The West Wing. I wanted to escape into a world where politics felt more constructive, comforting. In contrast to the vicious polarisation in the real world.

I'll have to stop being a wuss and give Black Mirror a watching.

We escaped into The Crown post-Trump-election.

We're binging on The OA right now, Man in the High Castle coming up soon!

We binged that as well. It's the first time ever in the history of art that interpretive dance has a useful purpose :)

I watched the first season of Man in the High Castle and thought it was interesting. I had some issues since I know that era of history and was constantly side eyeing some things and wondering how they figured that such-and-such would happen.

I also watched Fuller House and really enjoyed it. I'd like to watch Westworld, but no HBO, so I'll have to wait for that on DVD. I read about the series, so I have a fair idea of what is going on, but just haven't seen it yet.

I'm probably going to do The Crown next, but haven't decided. Most of my TV shows are on hiatus for a bit (Timeless, The Good Place, Orphan Black).

I can see people having a problem with the show's grey morality. A lot of people would never want to see Nazis in any humanizing or sympathetic light. S2 had a "Fascist Mad Men" feel.

I wish for more Venture Bros. there was too little in 2016.


I'm terrified to get sucked in.

I'm watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend - it is amazingly good; not what I expected at all. First season is on Netflix.

I went nuts over that show the first season, and haven't watched any of the 2nd. I think I've been afraid of being disappointed. The use of original songs that parody genre works much better than Glee changing the genre of popular songs. And the premise is still ridiculous but avoids camp, somehow. Maybe it's the self-effacing humour.

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I think it's also because it's a smart show. It manages to be smart without being challenging - kind of like 30 Rock. I bailed on Glee pretty early on, but yes, I agree with everything you said. Plus it felt like Glee was just tossing in some musical numbers, whereas Crazy Ex Girlfriend is actually a musical in the traditional sense. I was worried about second season too, but I think it's held up pretty well.

Did you like OA? I was kind of bored by the first episode and have heard mixed things.

right now I'm watching the first half of season 4 of vikings (so good...maybe the best season) but as soon as that is done I think I am gonna watch 3% on netflix, I keep hearing about it...

I haven't watched any Vikings. I assume it's the source of the popularity of the man-bun.

Ah no man buns. Some braids and face tattoos though :)

I just caught up with the Walking Dead.

I started Man in the High Castle yesterday!

I just can't do Walking Dead. I stopped at the end of S5.

Yeah... the first episode of this season had me crying, close to vomiting, and considering giving it up. But... I came this far.

G absolutely hates having a show, film or book spoliered. It makes him impressively grumpy. It annoys me, but I can still watch and enjoy the show.

We've been watching a lot of films over the Christmas break - Harry Potter, FAQ About Timetravel, Grabbers[1] - and I've been catching up on series like Time Team, Full Steam Ahead and the Dan Cruikshanks architecture series. But last night we started Travellers. Hard to judge a series from the first episode, so we'll watch on.

[1] If you've not seen Grabbers, it's worth digging out. A fun film.

At work, we had a whole discussion on whether "spoilered" is a word. I insist it is and the definition is quite clear* and they have to make peace with the fact I will continue to use it.

* Well, unless describing the hooded trim on a car.

Of course "spoilered" is absolutely a word, no matter what autocorrect says.

(Deleted comment)
This is exactly what I said when I first heard "alcorexic" and "shart".

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