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(no subject)

Me: "So, I've been watching these 11 minute Adult Swim shows. Mike Tyson's Adventures. It's hilarious. It's styled like an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon."

She: "Mike Tyson the rapist?"

Me: "Yeah. He solves mysteries in his van, with an adopted daughter. A ghost done by the Dean from Community and a very vulgar talking pigeon played by Norm McDonald"

She: "And Mike Tyson the rapist..."

Me: "Whatever. He did his time. You should hear him try to pronounce Cormac McCarthy."

Me, later "Dammit! Now I can't enjoy this shit."

Having a conscience is sooo boooorrrring...

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After someone pays their debt so society, I don't expect to pay for their 'three hots and a cot' the rest of their life. I expect them to get a job, move on with their lives and pay taxes just like the rest of us.

See also: Michael Vick

That's a decent example, as I can't imagine a cartoon starring Michael Vick. "Scooby Doo, Crush them into Glue!"

Mike Tyson's the Only Man on Earth you could imagine saying such absurdly stupid things IRL. And meaning them. Everyone else is merely playing a character...

That was me, PS. Apparently I do auto login anymore. Boo!

And joking aside, yeah. I guess he did his time. But Tyson never admitted to his crime. And there's the aspect of laughing at an ignorant black man which then makes me feel guilty. Oh, and The sexualizing of a minor.

So why does it have to be so funny????

Preach to the choir. I've purchased whole seasons.
And wear a t-shirt.

She's not still a minor, is she...?
I'm reasonably sure they wrote in her attainment of age of majority before Pidgeon said 'Man, now I don't know WHO to (actively imagine about) first!" She'd been college-shopping before that.

Apparently she's 18. But then, Pigeon asks a minor if he's jackin' off yet and if he is, it's weird because he's the ONLY ONE. NOBODY DOES THAT. HAHAHAHA!

See? Da WHITE BIrd gets to say whatever he wants.
And carry a gun!

The comparison of how was then to now is night&day for me that I have no problem enjoying the show. "Asshole Mike" is someone he's pretty much left in the past.

I've noticed the title here and there, and been curious, but hadn't checked it out.

And now I won't, despite your clear pleasure in the productions. For the obvious reason.

And yet, I recently went back to Dave (mysogynist but not a rapist) Sim's Cerebus and managed to really enjoy the issues I read.

So I really dunno. Did Tyson ever repent? (I know that Sim did not.)

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