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Four episodes in

Anyone else watching the new Twin Peaks season?

I'm going to watch this thing, but I can't imagine recommending it to anyone.

It's got the side-stories of Mulholland Drive but the sound effects and braindead characters and imagery of Eraserhead. And Lynch has a talent for extracting wooden performances from decent actors. It's probably the banal dialogue and over-long takes.

That being said, of course I'm going to watch all 18 episodes and I'd be happy to discuss it in comments.

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So... If I haven't seen the original Twin Peaks, would I be more lost than normally one would be in a Lynch production?

You would be more lost than usual. But then, you wouldn't be nostalgic for the deceased cast or have to witness the ravages of time.

Twin Peaks was about a lumber town with secrets. Now, the lumber plant is closed and the show has long segments in various parts of the US. There's a guy in NYC who spends his time watching and videotaping a glass box for no apparent reason but to see if something is going to happen. Should I be insulted by this metaphor? Hahaha!

I'm annoyed that as an auteur he can get away with banal dialogue and takes which last uncomfortably long. But sometimes it's fun to relish in it. The original show sure did it. There's a 5-10 minute scene of people squeaking on a diner chair for no apparent reason but to stall, or play that sound. But it was more fun.

I tried to watch the old Twin Peaks once in a few years ago, but my experience was colored by falling asleep during the first episode and then not knowing WTF was going on, so giving up on it altogether. This is how my experiences with trying to watch Brazil have also gone (multiple times! WTF?!).

So maybe I'll put it on the back burner after...Kimmy Schmitt and Saul and American Gods and Doctor Who and and and we certainly aren't suffering for a lack of new TV this season, are we?

TP is definitely slow-paced. Even the original opening credits are considerably long, considering how modern TV shows, like BCS, have such brief intros.

Yes. There's an awful lot of good TV. Kimmy Schmidt S3 started off hilarious, but I lost my sense of humour into the season. The First Nations stuff makes my skin crawl. I guess I'm a humourless SJW.

Don't forget Handmaid's Tale. I'm tempted to go on a road trip to see all the locales for the shoots. The river scenes are in Cambridge, close to my wife's place.

Oh GOD. I haven't even started Handmaid's Tale. . . still another thing to add to the list (why do I re-watch Star Trek all the time when there's so much new stuff?).

I'm only on episode 2 of KS: S3, so time shall tell. So far it's had some great moments but there's no First Nations stuff yet.

It's a gorgeous show, and well acted, but it can be tough watch. I'm certain it's worse for women. I've actually never read the book, but watched the Pinter film waaaay back when.

I haven't been able to see it yet but thanks for letting me know so I'm not too over hyped.

Hey, if you enjoyed Twin Peaks, than you should be fine. Online people seem to find it enjoyable. Or at least like it enough to be making fun of the seemingly silly qualities.

TP taught me to never get emotionally over-invested in a TV show as you probably will not get conclusion. So, I have no expectations.

I thoroughly enjoyed Twin Peaks. I loved the nostalgia and the plot. It was one of those shows that's been needing recreation for years. Can't wait until it's off Showtime and available on DVD.

As you already know, I tried the original series. Didn't like it. Don't like Lynch either! Damn happy when he said wasn't making anymore movies.

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