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(no subject)

Have you ever had an obsessive crush on an celebrity that is almost painful? I don't mean as a teen, but as a fully-formed brained adult.

Don't judge me, but crap, there's an actress (who I won't name) who seems to hit a crazy button. I have a difficult time watching her because of the sad sting that this person is completely unattainable. It's not lust, though she is sexy. I guess she's my type -- as in: a pretty woman who seems sweet. It's quite hand-holdingly innocent, albeit surprisingly painful.

Of course I'm not going to share who it is. And I am happily married. My wife and I often exchange our crushes, but she'll tease the shit out of me. I'm also not stalkery.

I just need to shake this limerance, as it's distracting as all get-out. How do you shake that? Get obsessed about someone else? Maybe if the actress was vapid, or a jerk, but she seems pretty harmless. I kinda feel bad for her that she's not more active, but then, I'd not be able to watch the show on account of the heartbreak, I suppose.

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Of *course* I'm very curious now. But alas.

I will sometimes go through phases of crushing on celebrities like this. It usually just peters out. Or I distract myself with something/one else.

Or you could extensively research their political beliefs/quotes. That's a crush-killer sometimes.

It's not stalking because technically her information is public

I worry when I share such things, they get used against me. I once had a GF literally call me creepy because I said I still found Britney Spears cute (despite her moronic politics). And ironically, years later, C got mad at me for saying something negative about Britney's comeback. Haha, so I can't win. But it's not Britney Spears. Britney is not the hill I'll die upon (except I have the right to my own opinion. Yes, I'm still angry.)

Maybe I should focus on the new Doctor. Rawr!

She looks a little bit like C, I think! At least from the pictures.

It's not Britney. I'm just giving an example of when such things get aired, they blow up in my face. But then, she got me watching a show with "Why aren't you watching GLOW? Alison Brie topless sex..."

Actually, my TV crush does kinda look like C.

Now, if only I looked like Jason Momoa or Jonathan Rhys Meyers ;)

Edited at 2017-07-24 07:27 pm (UTC)

Yes, that girl you linked to, not Britney!

Oooooh. Oh no. That's just a funny video. However, I am not going to deny my love for Rachel Bloom. And she married a funny dork, too. I may have a chance!

I'll PM you.

We both often talk about finding celebrity crushes highly healthy because they are SO out of the realm of reality it's a healthy place to park the feelings you're going to have anyway, right? Right. Also we tease each other mercilessly about them.

I find that mine just organically come and go so I rarely worry about it, even when I venture into "WAYYYYY too much time spent thinking about _____" land.

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