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Oh, Trump

I wonder what Trump would say at a Girl Scouts Jamboree

"Hello ladies. Future mothers of America. I love moms. I have the greatest respect for women. All three of my wives have been moms. And I have a beautiful daughter. Have you seen Ivanka? But you don't have to be a mom. Looking around, I see some of you could be models."

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you could be his speechwriter!

some of you could be moms

I can see that.

I really have to work to not automatically say, "at least with Bush we didn't have...!" Because I have sworn off saying "and I thought *he* was our worst President!!" Because he was bad enough.

I wish I could find everything that the Cheeto says is funny but I can't help worrying about what happens when there's a crisis.

Know I'll just go back to admiring what you wrote in channeling the Rump at a Girl Scout Jamboree. I like how you brought up Ivanka. The "just on the edge of incest" always seems to be easy.

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