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(no subject)

Whew. I can breathe for a minute.

- Ella is not well. However, she seems better than the last vet made us feel. She has good days and bad days with her legs. Up until Tuesday, C was all "are you sure you're dying?" and Wednesday, she was limping and dragging her leg. Then yesterday, she jumped on the couch and standing steady on the hardwood floors. I bet the setback was her hurt her leg getting on or off the couch when we weren't around.

- I'm avoiding my basement flooding stuff - I still have to contact my adjuster to submit my damages... after I list them. I guess eventually I'll get the floor and walls fixed.

- I do not like the shorter days. When I leave work in the dark, I just want to go to bed.

- The Good Place continues to amuse me. I need these characters in my life. I hate these weekly waits, however. Marathoning it was much more fun.

- Netflix's Big Mouth really surprised me. I solely watched it to spite some sanctimommy (ActivistMom, FYI) spearheading a boycott against it. It's a gross, but hilarious take on puberty of a set of kids -- more or less the experiences of the writers of the show. Their nascent sexual ids manifest as Hormone Monsters/Monstresses who, while menacing and vulgar, are encouraging and hilarious.

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Hope Ella is feeling better. How old is she now?

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